The voice inside your ear.
Constantly asking:

What doest it mean to connect with strangers, friends, ourselves? This is what they look like.

Just Joseph

Somatic Therapist & Cultivator of Curiosity

Open Floor Movement teacher.

Educate and facilitate through inquiry based movement.

Eugene Gant

NAAM Yoga Therapist

I love connecting with people on Sound! Most people don't know the power of mantra and toning and how they affect the brain, blood, and cells. Super dope interesting stuff

I sing Waking Up by MC Cole & Cedric Gervais in the shower

Taryn Sanks

World Wandered, Bio-Engineer, and Curious Yoga Teacher

What I love about guiding is the journeying inside ourselves helps us create outside and I love to stimulate that creation.

I love connecting with people on observations of human behavior, we're fascinating creatures!

Merrick Jacob

An inner world explorer

As a guide I love communicating my inner world of movement to help inspire the group to feel their own unique experiences, while also connecting all of us as a collective - it's a magical trance!
I love connecting with people by dreaming up a project or experience we could co-create together.

Stephanie Thoma

A Confident Introvert

I love guiding. It's a chance to allow others to uncover parts of themselves that may have felt less accessible before.

An important ritual for me is to create a dish and come together with others to collectively form and share a meal.

Yoga Pete Guinosso

E-RYT 500 helps students connect with their hearts.

Pete Guinosso (E-RYT 500) helps students connect with their hearts. His gentle guidance and intuitive assists allow students of all levels to step out of their comfort zones and find their own authentic path in the practice. Pete’s classes offer strong, vigorous sequencing grounded in the breath and intention, and always leave room for playfulness and fun.

Carly Boland

I love guiding because I am happiest serving as a co-creator on the compassionate path to enlightenment, any opportunity to share experiences of re-membering who we truly are, beyond the thoughts that can spiral through the mind at rampant rates, is a treasured gift.

The song I sing in the shower is ancient Vedic mantras most hours of the day, including bathing time.


The Photographer

Just a photographer, an amazing one.

Geek out on connections too?