Discology Messaging


For people to create space for themselves and others to meet and connect. Each person already has the tools they need; Discology just provides the setting to activate that innate ability


To serve and guide human connections so that the entire world can feel more connected between themselves, their community, and each other

Guiding Principles:


Journey is always the destination

Everything we do is about the experience being the now, not about getting to a specific point. If we’re always focused on what’s next, we’re missing life unfold itself in front of us. Learn from the journey.

This shows up in every part of the Discology experience from FB posts and invites to the events and locations. Every contact point with Discology should provide something of substance; not trying to get a sale, instead it’s about what can I teach you along the way.


Cut through the noise

Time is valuable. Discology promises to not waste people’s time but instead offer something of substance. Beauty in every step, our communication will be that every interaction with Discology offers something relevant and beautiful.


Value the strange and the uncertain, as this leads to discovery

We embrace the unknown, the strange, and the uncertain, as these are the times that we learn new things about each other.

Friction creates fire, which leads to new growth. We cannot grow without space to do so


You already have everything you need.

The tools for building space and connection are inherent in each person, they just might not have been given the safety to practice those skills. Discology recognizes this potential in each person.

If we wait for perfect, we might never be ready. Compassion is learning how to take action because you’ve experienced that before. Sometimes you have to go ahead and experience something imperfectly to learn compassion.


Fun is the journey and the journey is fun.

Notice how amazing the world is. Each moment is fascinating.

Discology offers a space to play.

In our own daily life where we’re on this set path, we have a choice that we can create space for ourselves to do this thing (connect/dance/etc)

There is space within the roles that we play for connection, fun, dance, embodiment.