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What does it means to be "The Disc Jockey"?


Sounds like: DJ AM

2 songs that go really well together:
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac & Inspector Norse - Todd Terje

Biggest Insecurity:
My family dynamics

Say Linds

Sounds Like: FutureWorldBassHouse

Two tracks that go well together: Rainforest by Tchami X VIBE by Just a Gent

Why I love DJing: I love creating space for fellow humans to DANCE and feel free!


Sounds Like: ian.finite amount of types of DJs 

Two tracks that go well together: Like a Prayer - Madonna Praise you like I should (purple disco remix) - Fat Boy Slim 

Biggest insecurity: Failure 

Listen to me: Click Here


Sounds Like: Disco X Tech House made children

Two tracks that go well together: White Nature Box Bootleg - Jomiroquai -X Rock Role (Original Mix) - Ankker 

Biggest insecurity: Not beiong able to achieve my f*ckin dreams or goals.


Why I love DJing: setting the vibe, bringing people together, creating joy, making people feel - being the maestro of the dancefloor

Two songs that go really really well together: Ducksauce - Radio Stereo x Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (The Cube Guys Remix)

Cptn Jay

Rowdi Holloway

What do you love most about DJing?
When I drop an "oh sh*t!" track and everyone goes nuts!!

Michael Milano

Two songs that go really well together: Love Shack by the B52's and Toxic by Britney Spears

I'd love to connect with people on the diverse genres of music and the diverse people who make them

Rich DDT

Two songs that go really well together are Mat Tha Hat "Flying Saucer Funk" + Sicktune "Trickery (Beat Fatigue Remix)"

I love djaying as the call and response when connecting with a crowd is priceless; the mental journey meets its match with proprioceptive exaltation.


Two songs that go really really well together are Breathe by Telepop Muzik & Dontcha - The Internet

I love singing "Oui" by Jeremih. LOL those notes are hard to hit!


Two songs that go really really well together are Aphrodite and Micky Finn - Bad Ass (Urban Takeover 1997) & Krust - Warhead (1997)

A topic you'd love connecting with someone on would be....exploring new ideas and producing events around social change/education.

Mark Farina

“I look at my job as a ‘modern day traveling minstrel’ bringing new music to as many places as I can and exposing audiences to obscure records that otherwise might go hidden.”- Mark Farina

Checkout our interview with Mark here

The Whooligan



Cinematic Electronica

One-Woman Orchestra: music + tech + art with Nordic/Icelandic influences set to a broken beat.

Los Angeles-based HÄANA is a one-woman orchestra, combining music + tech + art with Nordic/Icelandic influences set to a broken beat. Her original productions are like a dynamic film score. HÄANA counts Massive Attack, Björk, and Trentemøller as influences in crafting her sounds, featuring electronica influences, synthetic sonority, and vocal textures. Vogue calls her music "sonic stardust."

Check her soundcloud & spotify

Rocky Rock

Skratching is undoubtedly one of the most integral aspect of Rocky Rock as an artist. He has won music titlles from all over the world with his incredible rapid-fire style on the desks. He holds the credit on working with one of the most amazing bands of all times THE BLACK EYED PEAS. 
Formerly BLACK EYED PEAS DJ/ SUBLIME WITH ROME DJ (Music Icon) World DMC Finalist 2004 (London) Guitar Center U.S.A DJ Champion 2001


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Zion I

Multi-genre specialist Zion I (a former duo that is now comprised of sole member Baba Zumbi) brings his eclectic blend of rap, rock, reggae and EDM to Stateline for a can’t-miss performance this weekend.

“Since the release of the debut album ‘Mind Over Matter’ in 2000, Zion I has risen up the ranks of independent hip-hop to solidify their standing as one of the most prolific conscious rap groups of the past two decades.

“Boasting a catalog that consists of over two dozen albums, EPs, mixtapes and collaborations, Zion I (currently consisting solely of MC/producer Zumbi) continues to create inspired music influenced by social and political woes, personal challenges and triumphs, as well as family, spirituality and a raw perspective on the world at large,” states Zion I’s online biography.

The artist’s latest full-length record, “The Labyrinth,” continues the trend and was “fueled by [Zumbi’s] own personal losses as well as the current political and social climate of the world at large,” according to the bio. Since this release, Zion I has dropped a handful of singles and EPs alike.

“Zion I continues to make music that, while left-of-center, is still relevant, fresh and exciting as ever,”


The Crystal Method

The one and only.


For many years ill-esha has weathered the dynamic, often ephemeral soundscape of electronic music, simply by being an original. “I’m not really an observer. I’m very much a participant and a creator,” self-describes the Vancouver, British Columbia-born artist, songwriter, producer, and DJ. “Everything I do in my life, it quickly becomes way more than a hobby.” From growing up in the EDM hotbed of the Pacific Northwest, attending raves in her teens, ill-esha accelerated her musical passions to the fullest. “First I wanted to be part of this culture as a DJ, doing vocals and curating music. After that, I also needed to participate in the music I was playing,” referring to her progression as a producer and headlining performer. “I’ve just been moving one step up at a time over the years, into being this completely original show.”


DJ Dakini

International Dj Dakini is renowned globally for her refined ear and impeccable taste in music. An underground festival culture pioneer, she has been a pivotal part of global electronic music festival culture since the turn of the millennium. She is one of Australia’s most renowned underground female djs, with a global following & fan base...and now resides in California, USA.

Dakini works as a facilitator of transformational spaces whether behind the decks or behind the scenes of some of the world's best festivals and ecstatic dance communities. She is known worldwide for her bass & chill mixes on Soundcloud that have gone viral online, and she has released her first remix on Desert Trax collaborating with Deya Dova and Temple Step Project.

Check her out at:

Balkan Bump

Balkan Bump is the newest project from trumpet player, producer and ethnomusicologist Will Magid.

Musically, Balkan Bump is a fusion of live instruments, world influences and lush electronic production. His releases flaunt experience as an instrumentalist and arranger, fusing energetic Balkan brass with heavy electronic production and hip-hop influences.



Charlotte the Baroness & One A

Cut Copy's Tim Hoey

The Funk Hunters

A Hundred Drums

El Papachango

Silly Syl

I love connecting with people about: their important relationships. Who's your best friend, lover, what's your relationship with your parents like?

What I love most about DJing is: It makes me feel happy and free. It brings me together with other people who appreciate the music I play.

Marshall Jefferson


DJ Little John


Nina Sol

Joseph the DJ

Carl Craig

Chris Ross


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